Castleisland and District Publicans on December 1964 Day Trip

Publicans from Castleisland and neighbouring parishes on a day trip to the Guinness Brewery ? in December 1964. Front from left: Guinness Representative ? Paddy O’Sullivan, Kerry area rep; ?? ?? Mrs. Hartnett, Mrs. Horan, Mrs. Griffin, Mai Hussey, Maura Curtin, Josephine Griffin-Sweeney, Nora O’Connor, Tangney sisters ?? Pat Hannon, Mai Browne, P. Fitzpatrick, Rep; John Fitzgerald, Rep; Second row, from left: Guinness Representative ? Margaret McKenna (Poet’s) Mary McCarthy, Eleanor Horan, Mrs. Cunniffe, ?????? ????? Mrs. Chris O’Connor, Myra McCarthy, Sheila Prendiville, Mrs Daly, Joan and Jimmy Kearney and Jamesie Kelliher. Third row from left: Monnie McGillicuddy, Joseph Hartnett, Dermot Griffin, Thos Kelliher, Joe McCarthy, Mary Kelliher, Hannah Kelliher, Kitty O’Connor, John McCarthy, Con Browne and  Junior Browne. Back row, from left: Michael Prendiville, Thomas Porter, Tommy Broderick, Tom Lynch, Tom McCarthy, Chris McGillicuddy, Paddy Curtin, Tadhg Prendiville, Davy Griffin, Con Daly, John Cunniffe, ???? Kelliher and Jimmy Tangney. Can you fill in the blanks and make corrections or suggestions ?
Sheila’s caption page clearly predated the smoking ban.

Here’s another one of the souvenir photographs from a Castleisland area publicans day trip.

This one, I’m sure, is the Guinness brewery in Dublin and it was taken in December 1964 as it’s so marked on the back.

There may be a few more blanks in this one compared with the Smithwicks photograph of the other day.

Sheila’s Caption

As with that photograph, Sheila Prendiville got a sheet of paper and added the names whenever she got a bit of spare time.

There is a 1998 date on the back of the caption sheet as it’s an official delivery docket.

The majority of the names are legible and I have transcribed them here.

Can We Fill in the Blanks ?

However, as you’d expect from a photograph of this age, there are some blanks and this is where I’m hoping my fantastic captioners will again come to my aid and we’ll manage to fill those blanks.

It’s no harm to remember that the publicans on these days out were drawn from the district and not just from the town itself.


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