Late Night Rambler – Briseann on Dúchas But Skipping a Generation

Cork based band, Late Night Rambler, from left: Pierce Dorney, James O’Mahony, Stephen Cool, Peter O’Sullivan and Jamie Kierans.
Pierce Dorney’s grand-dad, Pat Moriarty playing his harmonica in Brosna in 1975.

Briseann an dúchas … it was a proverb my father loved to use. Generally, it was trotted out when any of his children were about to indulge in a bit of energetic socialising. 

By Mairead Moriarty

Much to his disappointment, his passion for playing music was one area in which the dúchas never showed up among his offspring.

That is until now.  It may have taken a few decades, but he would be delighted to know that the musical dúchas has made more than an appearance in his grandson Pierce Dorney, bass player with the Cork band Late Night Rambler (LNR).

Self-Taught Musician

Like his grandfather Pat Moriarty of Brosna, Pierce is a self-taught musician who, during the quiet spaces of his Transition Year, picked up a guitar for the first time and followed online tutorials to learn his craft.  It might not have been as dramatic a musical beginning as his grandfather finding a half crown in the road on his way to school that got him his first harmonica – but the result has been the same.

A Five-Piece Band

Late Night Rambler is a five-piece band, fronted by Stephen Cool who has written the ten tracks that make up their new album.  It is said if you don’t write your magnum opus, paint your masterpiece or record that album during Lock-down, when so many distractions are cleared from your path, it’s probably safe to say you will never get there.

Embracing the Dúchas

Here’s to all the self-taught creatives, embracing their inherited dúchas.

Late Night Rambler’s first singles Slow Roastin’ Stoner and Solution are available on all music streaming platforms, Band Camp with the tracks and videos available to view on YouTube.

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