Pres Year Book – A Chronicle of Achievements in an Unusual Year

The Presentation Secondary year-book team at its launch, front: cover artist, Amy O’Sullivan (left) and Wiktoria Brozozka. Back from left: Evelyn Mason, Ed Clarke and Bláithín Mc Elligott.
A cover for the times we live in. Amy O’Sullivan’s artistic and so appropriate cover for her school’s yearbook which chronicles a year of school and study under Covid-19 restrictions.

Presentation Secondary School Castleisland was delighted to officially launch its school yearbook for 2020/21 recently.

The yearbook showcases the wonderful collection of achievements, reflections and success stories from the school community during the year.

These include: All-Ireland success in business enterprise; a Late Late Show appearance for a first year student; the exciting array of extra-curricular activities and well-being events enjoyed by students; student innovations in science, fun workshops and trips away; the celebration of International Women’s Day and so much more.

Holistic Educational Experiences

The yearbook highlights the holistic educational experiences that are at the heart of life in the school.

Leaving Certificate students provide heart-warming reflections on their time in Presentation Castleisland, recounting the experiences that have shaped their personal growth and development.

The beautiful front cover of two students studying under a cherry blossom tree was designed by first year student Amy O’Sullivan. The cover symbolises the life of the online learner this year, as students were separated from the classroom in January, February and March.

A Sense of Peace

It conveys a sense of peace and contentment despite the changed learning environment experienced by students.

In her foreword, Principal Katherina Broderick thanked both students and staff for their hard work, dedication and contribution to education throughout the year.

She drew on inspiration from the young poet, Amanda Gorman, as a symbol for the courage, conviction and hope shown by the students of Presentation Castleisland:

‘When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never ending shade?

Dare to Climb the Hill of Life

Ms. Broderick wished the Leaving Certificate class of 2021 well as they embark on their next chapter and encouraged them to ‘dare to climb the hill of life.’

The official launch of the Yearbook was undertaken in a virtual address by John Drummey of Kerry Mental Health Association.

Impressed by the richness of life in the school, he said: ‘There is something on every page from the youngest in first year to the eldest in sixth year that shows that you have supported each other and found ways to stay positive.’

A Historical Document

He saw the yearbook as a historical document which tells the story of school life in Presentation Castleisland through COVID-19.

He reflected on his own childhood memories of the Chernobyl disaster and the Stardust Tragedy and reminded the students that in years to come this will be a period of their life that will stand out

to them.

Copies Available at the School

He reminded the students to live out the school’s ethos and to support each other, and he closed the launch with some supportive and paraphrased words from ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley: You are the master of your fate, You are the captain of your soul.

Copies of the Yearbook are available for purchase in the school.

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