Cabinet Decision Taken on Con Houlihan Material

The papers and belongings of the late Michael O’Donohoe have been joined in the Castleisland District Archive by those of the late Con Houlihan. ©Photographs: John Reidy. Michael O’Donohoe on 18-8-2001 and Con Houlihan on 17-9-2002.

Castleisland District Heritage has recently taken custody of papers and artifacts belonging to the late and great journalist, Con Houlihan.

A cabinet decision – a storage cabinet decision – was made at the offices of the heritage group last week when a consignment of huge importance was placed in their care.

Group chairman Johnnie Roche was tasked with acquiring a secure and suitable storage system – and that’s now in place.

Michael John Kearney, chairman of Castleisland Chamber Alliance donated the material because of a serious lack in storage facilities for such an archive in the locality and the chamber has also offered to shoulder part of the cost of the office furniture for the heritage group.

Houlihan and O’Donohoe Papers

The new facility will be used for the safe storage of Con Houlihan’s material as well as the papers of the late Michael O’Donohoe.

Asked if the move marked the end of long held plans for a dedicated Con Houlihan exhibition area in the town, Mr. Kearney said is certainly did not.

“The Con Houlihan Cottage Project is still a very live ambition and we’re glad to have his material in storage and in safe hands.

“The plan for an overall exhibition space for all of Con’s material as well as that of Michael O’Donohoe is an ongoing project and our liaison with the heritage group is another step in strengthening our claims for the kind of dedicated space their material deserves,” said Mr. Kearney.

Substantial Archive Growth

Castleisland District Heritage was established in 2014 and its archive has grown substantially since then with donations of every kind from all over the world.

“A system has been developed to receive and store all this material but despite time-consuming efforts, adequate funding for the function of a history and heritage facility for the area has not been secured,” said project manager, Janet Murphy.

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