Cllr. Cahill Joins Deputy Healy Rae in Attacks on Social Media Abusers

Knocknagoshel native Michelle Keane, who has declared her independent candidacy in the forthcoming general election, was the un-named target of Deputy Michael Healy Rae’s social media posting outburst in Dáil Éireann earlier this week. Cllr. Michael Cahill takes social media abusers, platform hosts and government inaction to task in his view of the way things are going in the world of modern technology.

The uses and abuses of Social Media by people who can remain anonymous and immune to prosecution is being highlighted by Cllr. Michael Cahill.

This follows on Kerry TD Michael Healy Rae’s passionate speech in Dáil Éireann earlier this week in which he condemned the use of images of his family in posts by local independent election candidate Michelle Keane in the heat of the campaign. Ms. Keane has indicated that she will be a candidate in the upcoming general election campaign in Kerry.

While Deputy Healy Rae’s comments may well be seen by some as the opening salvo of that looming election campaign, others will welcome his outburst as a long overdue backlash by politicians and victims in general against a media system which is seen as clearly beyond control.

Negligence of Platform Host and Governments

Cllr. Michael Cahill said that any crimes that may be committed online by social media users or abusers shows negligence on behalf of those who allow it to continue.

He also feels that the blame for this falls on governments who do not legislate to prevent it, and companies hosting such platforms.
“Social media and online platforms put our children in danger, allow our sportspeople, politicians and indeed the general public to become targets of so called ‘keyboard warriors’ who hide behind anonymity and false accounts,” he said

Illegal on Broadcasts or in Print

“And yet neither our Department for Justice or those hosting these platforms seem to be in the least bit exercised by the vile effects on society” said Cllr Cahill.
“It is illegal to publish such evil content in the broadcast or print media, so how can it be so difficult to put a stop to it online? he asks.

“If Ireland is to be the first country in the world to hold these social media and online platform companies to account, then so be it,” he concluded.

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