HercOileán – An Outstanding Success


All we need to know right now is that the HercOileán Military Style Challenge was an outstanding success.

Farranfore Maine Valley Athletic Club’s Arthur Fitzgerald won the men’s category and An Riocht AC’s Barbara Podraza took the ladies title in this inaugural year.

This is an event now which has pegged itself most securely to the annual calendar of events in the locality.

The amazing thing about it is that people are already talking about next year and the teams they’ll build around the event.

Helped enormously by one of the most beautiful, autumnal days you could wish for, the event and its participants enjoyed every minute of the torture they were put throught at almost every corner.

As I write, there’s a team of people milling around the stadium tuning up or erecting stalls or just drinking in the glow of the evening and the success of this first great Island Challenge. It has put Castleisland,  An Riocht and the Castleisland Rugby Club on the map for a whole new wonderful reason.

The idea came from An Riocht head of affairs, Kate McSweeney initially and she had to sell it to the club elders. Thankfully they had the foresight to go with it.

Have a look at the photographs and you’ll see how people enjoyed themselves on the day. I’ll caption them as the week goes on but for now just enjoy the scenes from the great day.

There will be people whom the organisers will wish to thank and that will be done when the dust settles.