Eclipse eclipsed over Castleisland

Looking as it would in the depths of the deep mid winter, Castleisland darkened considerably this morning during the height of the partial eclipse.
It was raining and the absence of the spring light gave the impression of November conditions.
There’ll be no applications for the blind pension from anyone around here after the non-event this morning. There was just a fleeting glimpse of it through the thick fog as it was becoming whole again and that was it.
There will be photographs posted from other parts of the country no doubt as many places enjoyed ideal, viewing weather conditions. I met Dermot Horan out looking for signs of the historic happening on my way to Main Street and I met John Cronin on my way home.
John, however, was far more concerned about what was happening on the ground and he was spreading a combination of grass fertilizer and weed killer on his already lush lawn.
I was invited to photograph John and his nearly 14-year-old terrier ‘Spot’ and still there was no sign of the great event in the sky. How was your historic, partial eclipse morning ?