Don’t Forget to Wind the Clock Forward !

The clocks are going forward to tonight/ morning.
The clocks are going forward to Summertime tonight or early tomorrow  morning.

It is probably more than enough for most of us to know that we must put our clocks forward by one hour before sleep befalls us tonight or in the early hours of the morning.
It was a golfer and an Englishman who first suggested that the ‘Daylight Saving’ clock changing arrangement be brought into being.  William Willett was so worked up about having his game cut short by failing light that he wrote a booklet entitled ‘A Waste of Time’ on the topic in 1907.
The idea wasn’t taken on board by his fellow countrymen until 1916 – and then only because of a wartime necessity.
School going children here in the early 1970 will recall rising and going to school in darkness because of an experiment on the benefits of having the extra hour of light in the evening instead of in the morning.
Anyway, if you want to keep in time with the rest of society and your own locality, you should really consider knocking the clocks forward by that hour before you hit the sack – whenever.  Happy Summertime.
The Met Éireann forecast for the Munster area for that first Sunday of the long evenings looks like this:
Cloudy and damp at first on Sunday but drier brighter conditions with sunny spells and scattered showers will develop during the morning. Some of the showers may be heavy but they will become isolated by nightfall. Another windy day with fresh to strong and gusty west to northwest winds. The winds will ease towards evening. Highs of 10 to 13 Celsius, but feeling cooler due to the wind.