Scart Hosts Filming of Sé Mo Laoch Speisialta on Jackie Daly

There was also some serious, day-long, musical action in Scartaglin on Monday as the Sibéal Teo / Sé Mo Laoch TV crew from TG4 visited to shoot a special on the outstanding and gentlemanly, Jackie Daly.
Jackie was accompanied by Matt Cranitch – to whom the same attributes apply.
They filmed in Lyons’ Bar for the first half of the day and spent the rest in the kitchen of the heritage centre.
Lyons’ Bar was ideal and produced “a serious session” according to Handed Down co-founder, PJ Teahan – who ‘schemed’ off work for the day to be there.
The programme has to cross many bridges before its screening which is likely to be approaching winter or in deep autumn at least. We’ll keep you posted.