Care Needed as Castleisland Roads Flooded

Tell-tale signs of snow on vehicles coming down into the valley from the hills around – and from several directions – has left roads around the town in a dangerously flooded state.
The River Maine is threatening to burst its banks along the town stretches at this lunchtime and at the rate of rain-fall now – and the appearance of the sullen sky – it will likely do just that.
It has already taken a short-cut through the bottom of the Nun’s Field from the Crageen Bridge and flowing back into the main stream on the Nuns’ Walk.
As is the usual with flooding like this, Kilbanibvane area of College Road is by far the worst hit.

Suffering Relatives
Long suffering relatives who have loved ones buried in Maher’s side of the graveyard there will mourn their fate today as it has been hit yet again.
In spite of the pre-election announcement of funding being made available and a plan of action being put in place – the disgrace that is Kilbanivane graveyard continues to be the sorry story of the locality when rains like this hit us here in the valley.
Maher’s field across from the graveyard is flooded to an extent that I or many other have never seen it before.

Plan of Action
There is no doubt that if the plan of action, to pipe all this water away over to the Anglore stream in Churchtown, was put into place it would sort out all of the problems on College Road.
The dip beyond the boys’ national school is now flooded by a stream from Kilbanivane and the overflow from Maher’s field.
Great care has to be taken by motorists on all roads around Castleisland as local flooding can materialise rapidly in these conditions.