A Dog’s Life – Not so Bad After All

The care and attention lavished the entrants in the 45th annual All Breed Championship Dog Show would have to be seen to be believed.

If you think your average pet is somewhat spoiled and too demanding on your time, you should have looked in on the show at An Ríocht AC grounds here in Castleisland this morning.

There was every type of dogs you could imagine – and some you couldn’t. But there were all given the time and attention their status demanded.

As usual on these occasions, the huge camper vans and motor homes began to roll in on Friday afternoon and the tents and gazebos began to appear.

Harbinger of a Good Day

This morning began with a thick fog down over the valley – a harbinger of a good day and so it proved.

Ned and Maudie Burke and their team were ‘on track’ early and by 8pm the place was barking and buzzing with activity.

A near 180 page, forensic catalogue that only the initiated could understand was printed ahead of the event. Inside was the breed and lineage of all the entrants and, on the back cover, a numbered plan of the various judging areas and designated judges.

Ned Burke was delighted that the weather, which threatened to spoil the event, turned out as kindly as it did on the morning.

A Huge Difference

“Our visitors love it here and they have load of room to move around and all the catering and toilet facilities are here on site. We’re blessed with the weather this year and that makes a huge difference,” said Ned.

Mingling and walking and talking and grooming is more pleasant in sunshine than in rain. The surrounding river walk was also in great demand as the town park filled up with vehicles from the overflow of the Castleisland Co-Op Mart Yard.

The event put a total of 1,423 dogs through its hands on the day and they came from every corner of Europe with a huge contingent from England and Northern Ireland.

And next year’s show? Well, that all organised and wrapped up already.

Socialise Your Pet

The Irish Kennel Club describes shows like the Castleisland event as an exciting way to meet other dog owners, to socialise your pet, and to test his or her abilities if you choose to enter a competitive event.

Shows also represent a great opportunity to get up-to-date information on caring and training for dogs.

Competitive events can feature agility tests, obedience tests and working tests. Judges and event organisers are carefully vetted by the Irish Kennel Club.

If you would like more information on the types of competition involved in a show or on what dogs are eligible to enter and on the process of entering your dog you can do so with a click on the link here: http://www.ikc.ie/competitions

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