Topline Browne’s Open Day – The Best Yet

Local farmers, Tom Herlihy, Ballymacelligott (left) pictured with: Neilie Shanahan, Currow and James Mahe, Castleisland at the annual Topline Browne’s Home, Agri and Builders Providers Open Day in Castleisland on May 9th. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The Topline Browne’s Home, Agri and Builders Providers open day was the best attended in the six or so years it’s been running here in Castleisland.

In spite of the rain the crowds came from many quarters and because of it a Plan B was brought into play.

It saw the housing of the many exhibit stands indoors in one of the huge sheds available to the company.

Success of the Day

Manager John Daly was slow to single out any one reason for the continued success of the day. Beyond pointing out that the long-standing policy of providing its customers with the best value available, Mr. Daly said that that fact alone plays a big part in the attraction of the store.

“I thing that people know that their custom is appreciated here and the value for money we offer has a lot to do with it,” he said.

Generations Old

While Browne’s Hardware is a generations old established business in the town its relatively recent amalgamation with Topline seems an ideal merger of ideals.

Topline was founded in 1975 by a small group of hardware merchants struggling to compete with larger competitors.

Lowest Possible Prices

The emergence of Topline changed the DIY/building materials landscape by allowing independent merchants to purchase products at the lowest possible prices.

The benefits of bulk buying at group level – more than €250,000,000 worth in recent calculations alone – enables members to pass on competitive prices to their trade and non-trade customers.


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