Stray Dog Safe and Well in Dooneen, Castleisland

This doggie is being cared for in Dooneen and probably ran frightened from the outbreak of post Christmas fireworks in Castleisland. Its owner can ring 087 9890744.

This dog was found roaming around the Dooneen area of Castleisland and is safe a well and being cared for until its owner is also found.

Frightened by Fireworks

It is quite possible its belong to someone in the area and may have been frightened by an outbreak of firecrackers just after the Christmas period.

The rightful owner can reclaim her / him by contacting Timothy O’Rourke in Dooneen on 087 9890744.

Keener Hearing

Dogs howl and run away from near the source of fireworks. And, it seems, it’s because of the sudden loud bangs which accompany the bright displays.

Dogs also have a far keener sense of hearing than humans and that probably accounts for the fear that drives them to get away from the noise.

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