Peer Teaching in Pres Castleisland to Save Lives

Presentation Castleisland pupils taking part in the basic emergency CPR class. Included are: Finja Speilmann, Féile O’Sullivan, Ellie Van Dee Mark, Anna Franch, Ramos, Wiktoria Brzozka, Malin Bischoff, Charlotte Meier, Irene Fraj, Gabriela Socha,Laeticia Schannor, Sofia Perez, Sarah McGee, Caitlin Swanswer, Sarah O’Rourke, Amy Rose O’Sullivan, Blaithín McElligott, Lauren Coffey, Lucy McKenna, Oliwia Gruszka, Áine Walsh, Deirdre Moynihan, Erin O’Connor, Gráinne O’Shea, Fiona McSweeney and Amelie Kerin.

Every year in Ireland thousands die from cardiac arrests and 70 per cent of these happened in the home.

On a recent Friday Transition Year students in Presentation Castleisland ran a very successful initiative aimed at providing young people with the skills to implement basic CPR in an emergency situation.

Transition Year students were taught the skills of CPR by the team of qualified teachers in the school.

Engaged in Peer Teaching

The group then engaged in peer teaching, with students from all year groups across the school attending the TY led initiative. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a simple skill that can help save a life. CPR involves: 1. Recognising that someone is having a cardiac arrest. 2. Contacting the emergency services on 112 or 999 and 3. Pushing hard and fast on the chest.

CPR is a vital step in the chain of survival after a cardiac arrest. If you have been taught CPR you are 10 times more likely to respond appropriately in an emergency.

Presentation Castleisland is equipped with an AED and now has a full school community trained in CPR.

This is one set of skills learned in school that we hope will never need to be used!

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