Pres and Pat’s Unite for Energetic Jiving Workshop in Castleisland

Representatives of Presentation Castleisland and St. Patrick’s jive teams with dance instructor, Norella Molyneaux. Included are from left: Adam Roche, Anna Franch, Sean McConologue, Ms. Molyneaux, Caitlyn Swanser, Finja Spielmann and Thomas Keane.

In a vibrant collaboration, Presentation Secondary School Castleisland and St. Patrick’s Secondary School recently joined forces for an exhilarating jiving workshop.

Held on January 22nd and 29th the workshop was coordinated by dance instructor Norella Molyneaux while transforming the shared space into a lively dance floor.

Tracey Dooley, Transition Year Coordinator at Presentation Castleisland, expressed her excitement at this collaborative initiative.

Ms. Dooley said that the jiving workshop provided a unique opportunity for the students to not only learn a cultural dance form but also foster connections with peers from St. Patrick’s.

More Than Just Dance

“It’s more than just dance, it’s about unity, teamwork, and creating memories that extend beyond the classroom,” she said.

Under Norella’s expert guidance, the workshop went beyond teaching classic footwork; it emphasised the significance of communication, trust, and synchronisation between dance partners which served as a catalyst for laughter, shared experiences and enduring connections among the students.

The workshop, spanning two consecutive Mondays, vividly showcased the transformative power of dance in fostering camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of the students from both schools.

Lively, Welcoming Atmosphere

Reflecting on the experience, student Caitlyn Swanser said that participating in the jiving workshop was great fun.

“Norella’s teaching style made the dance steps easy to pick up and sharing the dance floor with students from St. Pat’s created a lively and welcoming atmosphere,” said Caitlyn.

Seán McConologue from St. Pat’s said that the workshop was a fantastic way to bridge the gap between the two schools and form new friendships.

It is generally felt that the collaborative jiving workshop has not only added rhythm to the students’ lives but it also provided a platform for cultural exchange, harmony, and the establishing of connections that extend far beyond the dance floor.

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