National Honours and Title Haul for Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club Teamwork

Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club members enjoying their success at the National Stadium in Dublin recently. From left: Junior 1 50kg. Munster and All Ireland Champion and former European silver medalist, Jamesie Casey, Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club with National Registrar, Philip Rooney (left) and Irish Athletic Boxing Association President, Gerry O’Mahony on April13th. Centre photograph: Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club member, Pa Casey (Jamesie’s brother) is Munster and All Ireland 35kg Champion pictured with his medal and certificate. The photograph on the right shows Tommy Murray, Munster and All-Ireland 43kg Champion with his cert and medal.

Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club had an incredible week at the All-Ireland championships in Dublin recently with three of the club’s boxers claiming national titles.

Pa Casey, Tommy Murray, and Jamesie Casey all demonstrated their skill and determination, bringing home gold medals for their club.

“Pa Casey’s journey from the county to the national championships was remarkable and his victory in the final against a strong opponent from St. Michaels Athy in Kildare was a thrilling moment for him and his supporters, Pa’s first of many All Ireland titles,” said Jennifer O’Sullivan-Coffey.

Showcasing Talent

“Tommy Murray’s back-to-back championship wins showcased his talent and dedication to the sport. With his family firmly behind him and the support he receive from his brother John, both at home and in the club, the blonde bomber gained his second All Ireland title,” Jennifer continued.

“Jamesie Casey’s fifth national title is a testament to his skill and consistency in the ring and his controlled performance throughout the tournament, culminating in a gold medal, reflects the hard work he puts in.

“Supported by his father James’ efforts to provide him with the best training opportunities, this undoubtedly contributes to Jamesie’s ongoing success.

Dedication and Hard Work

“The dedication and hard work of the entire team, both boxers and coaches is evident in the impressive results at both the provincial and national championships.

“It’s clear that Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club has a bright future ahead with promising talent and a supportive community behind it,” said Jennifer.

The club gratefully acknowledges the contributions of parents, coaches, and sponsors like Kingdom Truck and Trailer.

This is so important as their support plays a crucial role in the club’s success,” said Jennifer in conclusion.

A Fantastic Achievement

Overall, it’s a fantastic achievement for Sliabh Luachra Boxing Club. Its officials, boxers, members and sponsors have all much to be proud of as they continue to excel in their chosen sport.

The club’s most recent results: Boy 1 35kg. Pa Casey, Munster and All Ireland Champion;  Boy 1 45kg Mikie Mongans, Munster Champion and National Silver; Boy 2 43kg Tommy Murray, Munster and All Ireland Champion; Boy 2 59kg. Martin Mongans, Munster Champion and National Bronze. Boy 4 52kg. Thomas Mongans, Munster Champion; Girl 4 60kg. Kayla O’Connell, Munster champion and National Silver; Junior 1 50kg. Jamesie Casey, Munster and All Ireland Champion.

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