Best Lecture at Culture and Heritage Society   

The Castleisland and District Culture and Heritage Society will continue its lecture series on January 14, 2014 at 7.30pm in St. Patricks Boys’ Secondary School.

There and then, Christine Best will deliver a very seasonal lecture entitled ‘Natural Winter Remedies and Detox’.

Christine Best holds a BSc degree in Herbal Medicine and practices as a Medical Herbalist in the Tralee area. She has spoken to Castleisland audiences on a couple of previous occasions and there is always a packed house for her visits.

“Herbal medicine has been used in Ireland for generations and is just as effective today as it was a thousand years ago. Better knowledge of the human body and modern scientific investigations are now used to try to understand how herbs work giving the herbalist improved insight into the best treatment strategies,” said society co-founder and organiser, Maggie Prendiville.

“Many of the herbs Christine uses are common plants, both cultivated and wild, and many are thought of a ‘just weeds. They are often pulled up and thrown out without a thought of the variety of uses they may have. Plants like the common dandelion, nettles or chickweed are invaluable to the herbalist. A range of herbal remedies such as herbal teas, creams, tinctures and syrups will be available for sale on the evening of the lecture,” said Maggie.

*Kilflynn based herbalist, Christine Best is making a return trip to lecture as part of the Castleisland & District Culture & Heritage Society programme at St. Patrick’s College on Tuesday, January 14th at 7-30pm.  Photograph: John Reidy Herb Gardens Open to Public 23-8-2009