Estate Residents Seeking Insurance Advice

The recently activitated St. John’s Park Residents’ Association is seeking advice on insurance matters following on from Kerry County Council’s allocation of two high end lawn-mowers to the estate at the end of last season.

Like many residential areas of its kind, it now finds itself in strange territory since the present government cut back on the services provided in such estates.

The 1983 established estate has now been reclaimed from its abandoned, meadowed look of last summer to a tidied and trimmed residential area.

Neighbours have been coming together with increasing regularity of late at the prompting of Billy O’Brien and Peter Carty and Trojan work has been done on grass cutting and maintaining of margins and planting work on the ditch leading in from the Limerick Road.

A levy of €10 per house is being collected at present to cover the petrol and running costs of the mowers. Insurance costs to cover two designated lawnmower operators are being looked into at present.

In the meantime the work goes on and Saturday mornings at 10am is the designated meeting time for group activity. A huge volume of work was completed this morning and all the grass margins were trimmed.

Anyone out there in the insurance business who may wish to quote for the cover outlined is invited to contact either: 087 8122 537 or 087- 2359467