TR Dallas returns to the River Island on Thursday night

The ’Social Dancing’ phase of Castleisland’s evolving history is only being created now and before our eyes.

Dancing of one kind or another was always part of the fabric of life here. Now the Willie Buckley christened and created Social Dancing scene is off to a flying start at the River Island Hotel every Thursday night.

Co. Clare native, PJ Murrihy played here on Thursday night and the man with the hat, TR Dallas returns to play here on this Thursday night from 9pm. to 11-30pm.

The idea has caught on in a big way over the past few weeks. Patrons are attending in ever increasing numbers from all the neighbouring parishes and from as far away as Gneeveguilla and Causeway.

“It’s a lovely, social outing for a few hours on a Thursday night and you’re home reasonably early as well. We look forward to our ‘Castleisland Night’ as we call it now and we wouldn’t miss it for anything,” said one visiting couple as they took to the floor again.