Party Safely – Don’t Get Nailed this Halloween!!

Zombie Night Abbeyfeale Town Park 31-10-2013The Castleisland Youth Interagency Forum wishes you all a Happy and a Safe Halloween. Its members have no wish to spoil the party for anyone and they hope that you won’t spoil it for yourself either.

In their subtle way they wish to see young people avoiding situations where they could nail themselves to a cross of their own making for the rest of their lives. It takes but one simple mistake.

With that in mind they have issued a list of guidelines so that you and your friends can enjoy the weekend and avoid the pitfalls associated with such occasions.

“Now that Halloween and the mid-term break are here your thoughts are undoubtedly focussed on a home-work free week and maybe what you are going to wear for the big night out with your friends,” according to the forum.

“It’s great to enjoy a night out but its important to drink safely too to stay safe. Binge drinking changes your normal behaviour. It can make you more aggressive and more vulnerable. Be aware of the risks of getting drunk: hangover, injury, embarrassment and unsafe sex,” the advice continues.

“You can avoid getting yourself in sticky situations if you: Eat before you drink or consume alcohol with food; Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water;

Drink at your own pace –  It’s not a race; Know your limits.  Stop when you have had enough; Avoid rounds and drinking games;  It’s ok to buy your own or miss a couple of rounds;  Never let your drink unattended –  they do get spiked; Make sure you and your friends all look after one another;  Always tell your friends where you are going; Make arrangements to get home safely or pre-book a taxi.

Put ICE – In Case of Emergency – numbers on your phone and Never Drink and Drive! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.”