Bernard’s Strength Shining Through Latest Post

It was Michael Healy Rae, TD who alerted me to this powerful post by our mutual friend, Bernard Collins this evening. I sought and was granted Bernard’s permission to print it here.

Bernard is, as he would quickly tell you on an enquiry on his health, living with cancer and his post this evening shines a light on the shining lights of his battles at present.  His fighting spirit and positivity is an example to all.

His sense of generosity and expression of gratitude to those tasked with caring for him and the new friends he’s sitting beside,  shows the depth of that spirit. I know I wouldn’t be alone in wishing that God gives him the strength to fight on as he has been doing and that he’ll achieve the result he’d wish for himself.

The following is Bernard’s post and his ‘Angels’ are the staff members of the Kerry Hospice Foundation:

“A few months ago If you ask me about Hospice and Palliative care I simply would have said they do great work in caring for people, and left it at that.   It’s amazing what one learns and sees when the one becomes a user of these services. I am sitting beside my new friends in a palliative care unit and we are all living with cancer and other diseases.

The kindness and gentleness shown to me and everyone each day I am here for treatment and pampering from the nurses, carers and doctors is indescribable. These are not random acts.  This is kindness, gentleness and caring personified. They have taken that dreadful pain away from all and made us feel comfortable and loved by strangers. They have a wonderful way of making one feel that no one else matters and that you are so important.

If someone asks me do I believe in angels I would have to say yes, but they are human, these people wear wings on their hearts every day of their lives. I would like to say thank you to all of them, you have restored my faith in humanity.” – Bernard Collins 24-11-2014

To find out more about the work of the Kerry Hospice Foundation you can log on here to: