St. Kieran’s Cycle Numbers Well Up – Club Spokesman

They rolled out the upper gate of Desmonds GAA Club and onto the road at the set time of 10am and they were on their way a couple of minutes later.
The annual St. Kieran’s Cycling Tour of its parishes is growing in reputation and status with each year. On Sunday morning 294 cyclists lined up on the road outside the designated meeting point. That was 55 more bums on saddles than last year’s total and there were far more leisure cyclists too this year.

Delighted at the Turn-out

“We couldn’t be but delighted at the way everything went for us on Sunday morning. We’re delighted at the turnout, we were lucky with the weather, we had a great time on the road and we got everyone home safely and that was the object of the exercise,” said event co-organiser and ‘spokesman’, Jackie Brosnan.
“We had fantastic back up and guidance from Sgt. John O’Mahony and Garda Ronan Coleman and all our safety people and stewarding team.
We were worried that the Ring of Beara Cycle on Saturday might have taken a lot of people out of our event but we more than held our own and gained those vital numbers over the past week,” said Jackie.

Backing and Encouragement
“Can we say thank you to all those who helped in any way on Sunday morning and to our sponsors Divanes of Castleisland for their backing and encouragement.
We’re delighted to see an event that started off on a trial basis a few years ago taking off in such a positive direction in those few short years.  That it’s looking good to continue well into the future is also a great source of satisfaction to us. It was heartening to see so many leisure cyclists involved this year and it’s something we’re keen to encourage and promote as part of a healthy lifestyle for the people in our catchment area,” Jackie concluded.