A few Sunday ‘Moments’ with Tommy Frank O’Connor

Tommy Frank O'Connor - to celebrate the launch of 'Moments' on Sunday.
Tommy Frank O’Connor – to celebrate the launch of ‘Moments’ on Sunday.

“A truly unique celebration will be unveiled in the course of an eventful afternoon of entertainment at the Meadowlands Hotel in Tralee on Sunday, July 19th from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Novelist, poet, dramatist and story writer Tommy Frank O’Connor has produced and published a collection of his ‘Thoughts for the Day’ which have been wowing listeners of Radio Kerry over the years,” according to his Purple Pumpkin publisher, Sharon Fitzpatrick.

“This extraordinary book is an essential part of any reader’s collection and a must read. His work has been performed on Radio Kerry, RTE Radio and on BBC Radio 4.

He conducts creative writing residencies in schools, libraries, prisons and colleges. He has served as Writer in Residence for Kerry County Council on several occasions from 2007 to 2012,” said Sharon.

Mr. O’Connor assists writers in the production and publication of their work, such as Memoir and Poetry, which includes ‘Poets & Dreamers’ published by Purple Pumpkin Publishing in Castleisland in May.

Moments will be launched at The Meadowlands Hotel in Tralee on Sunday between 2-30 and 4-30pm.
Moments will be launched at The Meadowlands Hotel in Tralee on Sunday between 2-30 and 4-30pm.

His previous books include: A literary/historical novel, The Poacher’s Apprentice by Marino Books in 1997; A novel for children, Kee Kee, Cup & Tok by Wynkin de Worde, 2004; a collection of stories, Loose Head by Doghouse in 2004.

His award winning poetry collection, Attic Warpipes by Bradshaw Books in 2005; A philosophical work, Pulse by Doghouse in 2006 and a poetry collection, Meeting Mona Lisa, was also published by Doghouse in August 2011.

“Tommy Frank O’Connor is a well-respected author. A compassionate, humble and caring individual, who, despite his own ill-health is always there for others. His perception of life and people is remarkable. He writes with his heart.

Moments by Tommy Frank O’Connor, published with Purple Pumpkin Publishing is a wonderful book. Whatever your beliefs, these reflections, read in quieter moments will enrich and improve your relationship with your own core and the world around you,” said Ms. Fitzpatrick.

You can find out more about Purple Pumpkin Publishing through the link here: http://www.purplepumpkinpublishing.com/