New Vehicle Sales Set for Total Eclipse of 2014 Figures

2015 car sales are set to top last year's figures with months to go. White is tops of the colour charts with buyers. ©Photograph: John Reidy
2015 car sales are set to top last year’s figures with months to go. White is tops of the colour charts with buyers. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today that new vehicle sales so far this year are set to eclipse last year’s total – with more than five months of the year remaining.
When the figures are boiled down it works out that, so far this year,  the total car sales are only 89 behind last year’s tally with just under half the year of trading left.
There have been 118,083 New Vehicle Sales (all types) in the year to date. Last year’s total was 119,172. The month of July has already recorded 17,310 new vehicle sales with half the month remaining – already well ahead of the totals recorded for April (13,053), May (9,514) and June (2,636).

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“2015, as we expected, is set to be a year of recovery for the domestic industry as new vehicle sales are already set to pass the total for last year – with more than 5 months remaining. This is good news for the industry. It remains to be seen how sales will fare through the remaining months of the year and whether the dual-registration system, now in its third year, will deliver a spread of sales through the remaining months,” according to a spokesman for, says:
White Tops the Colour Charts
Also today report the colour white is the most popular colour for new vehicle purchases in 2015 (all vehicle types). In a further sign of an improved economic environment the colour white, with recorded sales of 21,871, is ahead of black (21,385) and silver (20,950). The popularity of white may be a further sign of increased economic activity in the commercial sector as white is traditionally a popular colour for company and commercial vehicles.  The new vehicle sales figures for the present year to date and for those of each year to 2010 reads as follows: 2015 – 118,083; 2014 – 119,172; 2013 – 92,724;  2012 – 95,180;  2011 – 105,178  and for 2010 the figure is 102,991.