Tidy Towns Collection at Church Gates this Weekend

Timmy Murphy (left) and Daniel Jarza working on grass margin control in St. John's Park in May. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Timmy Murphy (left) and Daniel Jarza working on grass margin control in St. John’s Park in May. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Castleisland Tidy Towns Church Gate collection is on this weekend on Saturday 18th and Sunday19th of July.
Amid positive remarks about how the town is looking on the tidiness front comes great welcome for recent paint jobs on: The Market House: Hartnett’s ‘Fagin’s’ Bar and The Crown.
“We’re delighted with how well the town is looking at present with great colour in the flower baskets and tubs, the fabulous painting of several buildings and the absence of litter in general,” said Tidy Towns spokesperson, Mary Walsh.

Groups and Individuals
“We have the many groups and individuals who can be seen out working at any time of day. Our FAS workers, Ted, Seamus, William and Donal are flat out keeping the grass cut, the weeds in check and the flowers watered,” said Mary.
“A big thank you to all concerned. We also wish to thank the local co. council workers for all their efforts.
Through the example and urging of the Castleisland Tidy Towns Committee over the years, most areas of the town have now like-minded people looking after their own patches. That the overall appearance of the town in general has improved so much in recent years is a huge compliment to the ever-so-patient committee. It has been in existance in one form or another – with a vary small handful of constants – since 1992.

On a Scheme
Several local people brought the work of Timmy Murphy and Daniel Jarza to my attention earlier this summer. The two men are on a scheme with Kerry County Council and the Limerick Road and St. John’s Park are on their beat.
They trimmed the grass verges and swept and cleaned their way through the estate one morning and you could see the pride and print of their work in the appearance of the place when they left it. So, well done Timmy and dobra robota, Daniel.
The early bird catches all kinds of things and Kieran McGaley and his deputy Patrick O’Shea are out on the streets of the town from crack of dawn with their brushes and litter pickers.

2015 Adjudicator
One can hope that all this combined effort will be treated with the respect it deserves when the 2015 adjudicator sits down to deliver a verdict in early September.
Garveys SuperValu have sponsored the committee’s insurance obligations again this year.
“That’s a great help as it leaves us more money to tackle new projects. We hope that people respond to the efforts of all who work on behalf of the community and contribute to our collection at the weekend,” Mary Walsh concluded.