Castleisland Members’ Golf Club on a Sound Footing

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It’s all so different now from May 2014. Castleisland Members’ Golf Club should be proud of their achievements – according to business co-strategist and member, Jason Cattigan.

“Twelve months ago everyone associated with Castleisland Golf Club had to face the daunting prospect that their beloved club may well have no future,” said Jason Cattigan in the wake of Monday night’s meeting at the River Island Hotel.
Mr. Cattigan and Ben Foley presented a business plan for 2016 to the members at the meeting – and that, in itself, is giving away the nub of this good news the story at this early stage.
“With the support of the members, visitors and sponsors we managed to put together a recovery plan that brought stability to the club in 2015.

Challenging Business Plan

If 2015 was about implementing a challenging business plan to keep the club open, then 2016 is about growth and continuous investment for our course and facilities.
“The purpose of the members meeting was to review the performance of the business plan for 2015 and get approval for the proposed plan for 2016 and the updated constitution now that the club is owned by the members.

Immensely Proud

“The improvements to the course and the general feeling around the club in a year is astounding. Everyone should be immensely proud of progress made in the last year and should look forward with great confidence to a strong future for the club. It’s turning into a great story and one that we all should be delighted to be part of,” said Mr. Cattigan.
“The steering group, which is a committee of members who come from the area s of: Finance; Business Strategy and management and Agri backgrounds, put together a plan for the members to approve – or not. Thankfully the club met all targets set out at the start of the 2015 year and the proposed plan for 2016 was approved unanimously by the members,” Jason concluded.

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