Fleming Calls for Drones to be used to Combat Rural Crime

Tom Fleming 2
Deputy Tom Fleming is calling for the use of Drone technology in the fight against rural crime.

Kerry TD Tom Fleming (Ind) has called on the Minister for Justice to consider the use of drones by An Garda Síochána to fight rural crime.

In his parliamentary question to Francis Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Fleming asked if drones could be used as surveillance equipment to detect and prevent rural crime particularly in areas located far from Garda stations.

“Drones could be an effective use of modern technology that would make a huge contribution to the evolving needs of a modern police force.


The eye-in-the-sky ability of Drone Technology should be brought into play against the criminals roaming rural Ireland. Photograph: Micheál O'Rourke / June 2015
The eye-in-the-sky should be brought into play against the criminals. Photograph: Micheál O’Rourke / June 2015

“In areas so isolated from immediate Garda support, it is worth investigating the use and benefit of being able to deploy an ‘eye in the sky’ that would help to combat crime,” said Deputy Fleming.

In response to questioning, Deputy Fitzgerald said the Garda authorities are continually looking to ensure that the latest information, communications and forensic technologies are sourced and deploy.