St. Joseph’s Animated At Wiktoria’s National Award

Wiktoria Kupiec - animation award winner.
Wiktoria Kupiec – animation award winner.

St. Joseph’s Presentation Girls’ Secondary School, Castleisland delightedly reported that one of its students, Wiktoria Kupiec came first in her category in the ReCraft Irish Animation and 3D modelling competition. Wiktoria will receive a new Apple iPad as part of her great win.

The competition is open to all students of 16 years and above who are studying at secondary level or further education. It’s of particular interest to students who wish to pursue careers in art and design for computer games and animation industries.
The winners were announced recently at the Digital Design Careers Day at LIT Clonmel.

Dream College

“Just about a month and a half ago I received notice of a competition hosted by my dream college, LIT Clonmel,” said Wictoria as she explained how she got involved in the competition.

“The competition was to create a stop motion animation with objects you find every day. The possibilities are endless of the materials you could use. The theme for this year was ‘Every day Life’ and the task was to ‘Re-imagine Every Day Life’ and since my interest is in animating I definitely wanted to give the competition a try.
“For the animation I chose the most common yet most under-appreciated task in everyday life, and that’s visiting the bathroom for whatever business you have. We all do it, and I wanted to put humour in it.

Little People and Props
“What I made was a claymation where my little people and props were made out of clay. So there comes the little person, opens the toilet lid and a huge toilet shark just sprouts out and devours the person. Because that’s what happens in everyday life, right? It sure does in my head.
“Of course the whole process took a long time, modelling, setting up the light, shooting and then editing to make it look and sound right, but it was worth it because I’ve found myself in first place. It was shocking enough considering that it was the first art competition I’ve had luck with. I am extremely happy with my win this year and I really hope to be able to get into LIT in the future,” said a delighted Wictoria. Wictoria’s video can be watched on her vimeo channel: