“Recycling charge another blow to struggling families from arrogant minister,” – Martin Ferris TD

Martin Ferris, TD - lashing out at government proposals to impose new waste service taxes.  ©Photograph: John Reidy
Martin Ferris, TD – lashing out at government proposals to impose new waste service taxes. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Responding to reports that Minister Alan Kelly has approved proposals to charge families for recyclable waste Sinn Féin’s Martin Ferris has said that it is another example of the government’s fixation with crippling ordinary householders with stealth charges and taxes.
“The record of Fine Gael and Labour in government has been marked by regressive taxes that have impacted disproportionately on struggling families.  The Property tax and water charges have pushed many of those families into debt and have resulted in hundreds of thousands of people mobilising on the streets in protest,” said Deputy Ferris.

Families Alarmed
“Families will have been alarmed to learn over the weekend that the government parties are not yet finished sticking the boot in with reports that people will have to pay for the contents of their recyclable waste.
“Such a proposal confirms the concerns of Sinn Fein representatives upon the privatisation of waste collection services when we warned that such charges would only increase over time.  Not only have waste charges increased dramatically in recent years but now we are being told that we will also be forced to pay for that waste which can be recycled.
“When Tralee Town Council voted to privatise the refuse service, our councillors along with others warned that higher charges would be the natural consequence”.

Mortgage Distress
“We can easily imagine how this news will be received by the 98,000 families in mortgage distress or they hundreds of thousands who have yet to feel any benefit from the governments so called recovery.
“This additional charge will affect local economies as more money will be taken from the pockets of customers.  I fear it will also increase the rate of illegal dumping and will prove self defeating.
“Sinn Féin will campaign against the imposition of this additional stealth charge and when in government will ensure that the economy grows on the basis of sustainable economics and a progressive taxation system,” Deputy Ferris concluded.