Breakfast Time for Kelliher O’Shea Employment Law Seminar

On Thursday morning, Kelliher O’Shea, Chartered Accountants, hosted a two hour seminar in the River Island Hotel in Castleisland for business owners. The event was organised in conjunction with Peninsula Business Services.

The presentation provided by Barrister, Kevin Callan, who kindly took the time out from his general election campaign where he is running as an Independent candidate in Co. Louth, was well received by an audience of over 70 people.

Kevin specialises in the area of Employment Law including Health & Safety Act and has worked with Peninsula for a number of years representing their clients.

Key Parts of Legislation

He guided those in attendance through the key parts of the legislation, which is extensive to say the least, and at various times asked for people to take note of some key points which, in his opinion, are vital for protecting them and their businesses.

The importance of the employee contract and more importantly the employee handbook were stressed at various times during the morning – including the provisions that employers should be ensuring is contained within them.

Managing Absenteeism and Sickness

Kevin dealt with probationary periods, managing absenteeism and sickness, dealing with a NERA inspection, the use of personal mobile phones and social media during working hours, alcohol and drug testing.

However, he did not encourage business owners to adopt a D.I.Y. approach which included the use of breathalysers purchased at your local Halfords store.  He explained how to deal with complaints and grievances, the requirement to carry out an investigation, whistle-blowing, verbal warnings which are required to be in writing, dismissal, CCTV policies, exit interviews and much more.

Still Scribbling Notes

It was a testament to Kevin that everybody remained and listened to every last piece of advice until the very end and people were still scribbling notes as he was delivering his final parting shots.

All those in attendance are entitled to receive a free consultation from Peninsula who, through their local representative, John-Paul Breheny, will review their existing Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety policies, procedures and supporting documentation to assess the compliance and suitability for your business.

They can contact James or Tom at Kelliher O’Shea at: or contact Peninsula directly at: