Use Your Privilege, Check your Booth Location and Vote Early

The candidates and their parties or status for the Kerry constituency in the alphabetical order in which you’ll find them on your ballot paper. Click on the image to enlarge.

People of all parties and independents of candidature and mind have all appealed to us, the electorate, to come out today and use our hard won right to vote in fair and open elections.
The candidates have done their bit – almost – and it’s now up to us. Polling stations and booths are open since 7am this morning and will remain open until 10pm tonight.

No matter what you think of the people on your ballot paper, they still have the conviction and the guts to get up and put themselves out there at our mercy.

And, in fairness to us, we’re not very nice to them most of the time.
Maybe some of them don’t deserve our care and consideration on polling day – but that’s a matter of opinion – your opinion.

You can thank the people who died and suffered unimaginably to hand that privilige down to us.
I got an earnest request from a person who wished to remain anonymous but who didn’t want to see people disenfranchised by confusion or by leaving it too late to get to their designated polling booth.

“It happens a lot more that you think and its happens easily. People get mixed up and go to the wrong polling booth or school and then don’t have the time to get to where they should be if they leave it too late,” according to the advisor.

We need to check at which polling booth we’re voting in and get there early as possible. Do bring an item of identification like a driving license or a passport and your polling card.

Vote according to your preference or preferences and don’t add any comments, smart or otherwise on the paper. Marks, abuse, advice or comments will render your precious vote invalid and spoiled.