Gerard Leads his Neighbours in Facebook Campaign Against Inconsiderate Parking

Gerard Sugrue - leading the O'Connell Demesne Facebook campaign against inconsiderate parking.
Gerard Sugrue – leading the O’Connell Demesne Facebook campaign against inconsiderate parking.

An artistically talented young man has been championing the cause of the residents of O’Connell Demesne, here in Castleisland, against the reckless and thoughtless vehicle parking habits of people using local services.
The estate, just off the Limerick Road and across the busy road from the former Nelligan’s Bakery and Shop, has seen its footpath and roadway spaces being eaten up by dangerous and simply thoughtless parking over the years – and it’s getting worse.
Gerard Sugrue has taken to Facebook to launch an awareness campaign through comment and the indisputable evidence which photography still provides.

Estate Turned into a Car Park
“It would have been nice for the residents of O’Connell Demesne in Castleisland to be told that the estate was going to be turned into a car park for Kerry Fyer and the HSE and now trucks are being parked down here,” Gerard commented in a recent post.
“Resident are have trouble getting in and out of their houses. Cars, Kerry Flyer buses and trucks being parked on the bend coming into the estate as well.
“It has been said to TDs, councilors, the county council and the traffic warden. All politicians promised for the vote and absolutely nothing done about it.
“The council basically said it’s not their problem and the traffic warden has said because there are no yellow lines she can’t put a ticket on them.

Road Safety Authority Handbook
“But from what I can remember from my driving test is that you can’t park within 15 feet or five meters from a junction – and she can’t put a ticket on a car, bus or truck that is parked on a junction ?
“Well according to the Road Safety Handbook you must never park at a corner, a bend, the brow of a hill or on a hump-back bridge,” said Gerard and he added in conclusion: “A bit of a rant but everyone that I talk to down here is sick and tired of it.”