Car Boot Sale – A Regular after Trial Success ?

Castleisland Rugby Club’s experimental Car Boot Sale on its grounds on Sunday morning was, to make a long story short, a success. It wasn’t a life changing gamble or anything like that but its success couldn’t be guaranteed until the magical combination of traders and the buyers showed an interest and made it what it was. This was a no rehearsal, live show with no safety net. Many of the people there were delighted for Brian O’Sullivan – in particular. It was Brian who had been banging the drum and ringing the bells about the event for the past few weeks. And Brian’s face would be the one with the egg on it this week if the event had gone south on Sunday.
World of Fundraising
Brian was delighted to confirm afterwards that the experiment was a success. Though the concept is anything but new in the world of fundraising – it is to Castleisland.
“We’re delighted with how it went as we had no idea of how many people would turn up with stalls or car-boots or if people would come to buy the goods on offer here,” said Brian.
“The important thing for us is that the people who set up stalls here were delighted with the facilities. They told us it was important that tea-making and toilet facilities were so close to the market area and they were asking if we are considering doing it again.
“We have a club meeting later this week and that will all be discussed there. Based on our first experience and what we heard from people, I would be confident that we will be doing it again soon,” Brian predicted.
Market Town Acumen
There was trade being done even amongst the traders themselves. A man who brought a pair of chairs was approached early on by a fellow trader. He made an offer for the chairs and the deal was done. The buyer took the chairs to his own stall, stuck an extra fiver apiece on them, and sold them ten minutes later. So, our old market town acumen is alive and well.
It would appear that books were a great seller also on the day. There were little girls with their dads and a bit of disposable pocket-money buying bags and headgear and rummaging through clothes lines with an innate sense of knowing.
They’ll spread the word about the wonderfully sociable morning they had at the car boot sale and it will catch on. If the club is to keep it as a fundraising tool it has got off to a great start. Brian O’Sullivan can be contacted on: 086 83 77 832