Free Summer Class Trial Week at An Riocht AC

An Ríocht AC Manager, Kate McSweeney (right) with Fitness Instructor, Tara Walmsley as they unveiled their Summer 2016 classes and timetable. ©Photograph: John Reidy
An Ríocht AC Manager, Kate McSweeney (right) with Fitness Instructor, Tara Walmsley as they unveiled their Summer 2016 classes and timetable. ©Photograph: John Reidy

“I just wanted to let you know – so that you could let others know that our new Summer Class Timetable is going to be a lovely, refreshing change-up in routine here at An Riocht,” – that’s the opening line of an invitation and an offer to you, the fit and indeed the unfit to take a closer look.

“The classes are kicking into action next week and we’re offering them all free from May 16th to 21st. as a trial week.
“There’s a mixture of indoor and outdoor classes as well as classes to suit different abilities and time schedules,” said Kate.
You can read on below for a brief run down on each class and the timetable. If anyone wants to try out the free classes just give us a call on 066 71 42199 or simply drop into reception or send us a private message on the Facebook!
Class Descriptions:
Rip’d: The one stop body shock where you will find yourself immediately hooked. It combines weights and resistance with short cardio routines. GetLean, Get Toned, Get Rip’d Instructor: Tara
Schoolhouse: An exercise class catering for anyone finished work or free to work out at 15.45pm.  This class will incoroporate lots of the latest training methods: hiit, tabata, kettlebells all thrown into the mix. Runs during school term:  Instructor: Varies

To enlarge please Click on the poster above.
To enlarge please Click on the poster above.

Fusion: Multiple exercises, one workout. Fusion combines exercise disciplines and delivers them in one high energy 45 minutes. Boxing, athletics, core and aerobic routines are all thrown into the mix. Instructor: Varies
Flex:  A series of stretches inspired by yoga, sports and dance to help improve your flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. Enhance body awareness, release tension and reduce pain for vibrant health and pain free movement. Instructor: Cian O’Connor
XSport: A great training class with the principles of four necessary modes of training to amplify performance and fast track results. The competitive type drills will be designed to create strong, lean, agile, flexible bodies with the overall goal of becoming fit in a short amount of time.
The Run Club: The run club is designed and ran by the athletes of An Riocht in order to get the  newly fit that little bit fitter. This is suitable for those who have got to the 5k distance already but want to push for better times and distances.
Turbo: Get cardio conditioned in this 45 minute workout. Work through a range of high intensity exercises in tabata format. Leave exhausted but exhilarated.
Rush 30: Fit your workout into your working day with a quick but effective 30 minutes during your lunch. Develop muscle tone, strength, muscular endurance and weight loss. Maximise results by combining high intensity exercises with short recovery times.
Parkfit: Get your outdoor fix and your exercise class in all at once. With this bootcamp style class you’ll make sure every muscle in your body is getting througly worked out.
SpinHybrid: Mix it up with this spin plus more class. Intervals of sprinting and climbing on the bike are combined with a great upper body, lower body and core workout on the studio floor. Time flies when you’re doing something different every 5 minutes.
Spin: Stick in with the bunch in this great indoor cycling class. Takle the sprints, take on the climbs. Improve aerobic fitness, burn calories and tone and shape your legs. Aquire those endorphins and leave on a high.
Burn:  Burn, Burn, Torch those calories in this full on, all out exercise class. Get that heart rate up by taking on fast moving cardio exercises that will require both stamina and speed.
Max Effort = Max Results
Combat: Kick and punch your way to total body fitness, work your legs, arms, abs, shoulders and back in this 45 minute class, using simple moves inspired by martial arts.
Clubland: Let the choons get you moving in this half dance half aerobic floor filler. With the latest dance tracks as well as a few club classics you won’t be able to wait for the next class to come…..Addictive, we think so!!
TSS: The Starter Series Exercise for beginners: Look out for TSS before the name of any of the above classes if you are a complete newcomer to exercise. These classes start with the basics and are all only 30 minutes long.
To add to all these free classes next week we also have the ‘€90 Days Of Summer’ offer for the gym and leisure club, 90 days membership for €90. A fit summer is a better summer!!
And…..Couch-to-5K is due to return to the club track in early June. For more information please click on the link here: