The Visitors Launch at The Seanchai on Friday Evening

Margaret Thornton The Seanchaí Centre 17/05/2016
Margaret Thornton – launch at The Seanchaí Centre in Listowel on this Friday evening at 7-30pm. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Margaret Thornton will launch her book of poetry The Visitors at the Seanchaí Centre in Listowel on this Friday evening, May 20th at 7-30pm.
How difficult is it to maintain composure when a world of feelings, emotions, states of being exist behind the public persona?
Society is created in such a way that this conflict has become a part of everyday life.
People have begun to feel the strain. In the The Visitors, Margaret Thornton gives voice to the emotions and states that many experience.

Different States
By giving full attention and awareness to these Visitors – and allowing them to have an actual voice, through all art forms, balance can be achieved.
The Visitors in these pieces represent different states including addiction, seduction, fear, love, joy and more.

She also engages with key places within nature such as: Torc Waterfall, The Bog of Derra and The Cashen which act almost like an antidote.

Cover design by Pia Thornton.
Cover design by Pia Thornton.

The Visitors encourages the use of the creative arts to inspire positive mental health.

Art Form
Some students of Kerry College of Further Education, who use their own art form to create balance in their lives, will also perform and showcase their work at the launch.
A celebration of the creative arts to create awareness and balance being the focus of the night.
And, there is a Castleisland connection,  the collection is illustrated and designed by Pia Thornton, Art teacher at Castleisland Community College.
Curious and want to find out more? Join Margaret in the Seanchai Centre, Listowel at 7.30pm on May 20th.