Maggie’s first Broadcast in America

Maggie Prendiville, on radio in Chicago.  ©John Reidy
Maggie Prendiville – on radio in Chicago. ©John Reidy

During a recent trip to America, Castleisland archaeologist, Maggie Prendiville hopped from sister, Julie’s place in New York to Chicago to meet her school-mate, Catherine Broderick-O’Sullivan.

While in Chicago, Catherine arranged for Maggie to talk to the Chicago Irish Radio station on its Good Morning Ireland programme.

The multi-talented Maggie is one of these unflappable people who, if things are a bother to them, they just don’t show it.

Vast Listenership

Presenter, Seán Ginnelly introduced Maggie to his vast listenership and told them it was the first time for an archaeologist to feature on the show.

However, in the current obsession with Star Wars and its love affair with the inhospitable Skellig Michael, it was on this matter that Maggie majored on the programme.

Needless to say, her grasp of her subject and how she got it across was a bonus for the programme and its presenter. Every question prompted an avalanche of information on the world heritage site.

Seán Ginnelly - the Co. Mayo born presenter of Good Morning Ireland on Chicago Irish Radio.
Seán Ginnelly – the Co. Mayo born presenter of Good Morning Ireland on Chicago Irish Radio.

Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan

There was more: Just to prove that she has more strings to her bow, Mr. Ginnelly cued Maggie on the topic of Chicago’s most famous Kerry man, Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan.

As Maggie had just co-presented a Handed Down Special with Nickey McAuliffe on ‘Cuz’ just a week before her trip to the states, she was well up on the Glountane composer and musician.

You can hear the programme with a click on the link below. My thanks to PJ Teahan for sending it to me last evening.

Maggie’s contribution to the programme starts five minutes in on this clip and continues to 17 minutes.