Cordal earn Well-deserved Win over Rathmore

Cordal played the Rathmore B team in Cordal Football Field in a County League match last Saturday the 11th of June at 3.30pm. The Rathmore Bs arrived in style with suits and ties from their attendance at a wedding but they weren’t long togging off in preparation against Cordal for this exciting match.

Report by Cordal GAA Club PRO, Paddy Flynn

The game was quick to start with two early points scored for Cordal by Philip O’Conor and Geroid O’Leary giving an early boost of confidence to the Cordal boys.

The Rathmore team made some unsuccessful attempts to score some points of their own during the next ten minutes but by the 12th minute Kieran O’Donoghue had scored a point again giving control to the Cordal side. Sean Óg added another point for Cordal when he scored from a free in the 13th minute.

Tim O’Donoghue was the next man to materialise with the ball and scored a nice point in the 16th minute for Cordal. Pa Naughton finished up Cordal’s dominating run in the First Half with a point in the 21st minute after a long run of Cordal scores.

On the Offensive

Rathmore B went on the offensive for the final part of the first half and made a good effort to close the gap. Michael O’Riordan led their scoring campaign and added three points to his teams tally and after the ref blew his whistle Cordal still held a strong lead with their 0-06 to Rathmore B’s 0-03.

In the second half Cordal quickly took control of the field with Brian Reidy scoring a nice early point.

Philip O’Connor scored another point for Cordal from a free leaving Cordal up with five points at this early stage. From here there was many points to and fro scored by each side. John Hickey narrowed the scores for Rathmore when he scored a point in the 8th minute. Philip O’Connor then went to score another point for Cordal only a minute later.

Micháel Mahony scored another point for Rathmore B. Michael Flynn then went on to score a point for Cordal. Micháel Mahony hit back with another point for Rathmore B and finally Philip O’Connor scored a point once again for the Cordal side.

Suddenly Changed

Things suddenly changed for Rathmore when Kenneth O’Keeffe scored an important goal in the 23rd minute leaving only a two point difference between the teams.

The game became very exciting its final stages. Philip O’Connor scored another point for Cordal to try and secure their lead. Michael O’Riordan added another point for Rathermore to try and close the gap but it was Padraig O’Connell who sealed the deal for Cordal. He scored a fantastic goal in the final seconds of the match resulting in great joy from the Cordal fans and securing Cordal’s win. The ref blew the whistle to a final score of Cordal’s five point lead with 1-12 to Rathmore’s final score of 1-07. Well done to the Cordal team on another win this week. It was well deserved and well played.

Cordal Team:  1. Sean Óg O Ciardubháin, 0-01;  2. John Mannix;  3. John Brosnan,  4. Florence Griffin,  5. Padraig O’Connell, 1-00;  6. Micháel Cahill;  7. Niall Ó Ciardubháin;  8. Philip O’Connor, 0-05;  9. Brian Reidy, 0-01; 10. Kieran O’Donoghue, 0-01; 11. Donal McCarthy, 12. Geroid O’Leary, 0-01; 13. Tim O’Donoghue, 0-01; 14. Pa Naughton, 0-01; 15. Michael Flynn, 0-01.

Subs: Mossie Enright, Padraig Brosnan, Dean Poolman and Billy Cronin.

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Club Fixtures

Cordal Seniors V Duagh: Cordal Seniors will play Duagh in Round 6 of the County League this Sunday, June 19th at 2pm in Duagh.