Healy-Rae Disappointed at Brexit while Martin makes ‘Reckless’ Comment on Cameron

Fíanna Fáil leader, Micheal Martin, TD labelled the PM's actions as reckless and Kerry Independent TD Michael Healy Rae- who has expressed disappointment at the 'Brexit' poll results. Photographs: John Reidy
Fíanna Fáil leader, Micheal Martin, TD labelled the PM’s actions as reckless and Kerry Independent TD Michael Healy Rae- who has expressed disappointment at the ‘Brexit’ poll results. Photographs: John Reidy

Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin described British prime minster David Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum as “reckless” in the wake of the shock in the UK in the early hours of Friday morning. 

And he said he found it hard to understand the UK government’s decision that it could renegotiate its EU membership and then hold and win a referendum.

Does that mean he’s suggesting that the British government should not have given its citizens a say in their future in Europe and suppress democracy by so doing?

Michael Healy Rae Disappointed

Meanwhile, Kerry independent TD, Michael Healy Rae has declared himself extremely disappointed that the Britons have voted themselves out of the European Union:
“Following the results of yesterday’s vote, I am extremely disappointed in the United Kingdom’s decision to abandon the European Union.
The European Union, formally created in 2002 after the decades of international cooperation between the countries of Europe, has provided an exceptional outlet in the free movement of goods, services and individuals creating an economically strong and vibrant Europe. For the United Kingdom to shun these values in favour of their own independent policies formed within regulation from the rest of their community is an affront of our society.

Beyond their own Borders
The decision by the British people to leave the European community will have effects far beyond their own borders. We will too be affected by this action.

With the removal of the UK from the EU trade channels, it will become more difficult for Irish producers to export their goods across the Irish sea, resulting in a potential decrease of 20% on the bilateral trade flows between the two countries and a 3.3% drop in total merchandise exports from Ireland, disproportionately affecting the Basic and Fabricated Metals, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Food and Beverages, and the Textile product and sectors.

Lower Productivity Growth
Trade is not the only area affected by British exit. With their departure, Foreign Direct Investment into the UK is also likely to fall, leading to lower productivity growth and lower potential growth, effects which will, in turn, negatively affect Ireland as well.
Finally, the labour migration of workers between Ireland and the United Kingdom is at risk. Given previous EU immigration laws, this had never been a problem, but now, it is possible that the UK could impose visa requirements upon Irish citizens working in the UK, creating a great inconvenience to our citizens.

Wage Decrease

Furthermore, immigrants that had been bound for the UK will now come to Ireland, with research suggesting an average wage fall of 3.9% with workers in high skilled positions experiencing a 5% wage decrease.
Once again, I am very disappointed in the actions of the United Kingdom. They have not only abandoned their closest neighbours, but also the entire European Community.”