Charlie’s Mooo-vable Feast Rescues Festival Day for Some

But for the cruelty of the summer weather which befell the Castleisland Chamber Alliance Summerfest – on its final, show-case day – it would have brought off an eclectic and wonderful weekend of events.

Sunday’s weather proved most disappointing for children, their parents and guardians. The grown-ups on the Castleisland Co-Op Mart yard had seen many a summer-time event spoiled by notoriously unpredictable, July weather and they were bitterly disappointed for the children most of them had in-tow.

However, a most summer-like evening greeted the joggers, runners and walkers for the annual Humphrey Murphy Charity 5k and 10k Road Race on the previous Thursday evening.

That strain of weather hung around for The Brawl in the Hall on Friday night and it allowed patrons to enjoy the front yard of the community centre well into the early hours of Saturday morning.

The late and well known racing photographer, Liam Healy from Listowel pictured with the 2006 Irish Stablestaff Association Award for his contribution to the industry.  ©Photograph: John Reidy 02/02/2007
The late and well known racing photographer, Liam Healy Snr. from Listowel pictured with the 2006 Irish Stablestaff Association Award for his contribution to the industry.
©Photograph: John Reidy 02/02/2007

The late Liam Healy

The Castleisland Races at Powell’s Road on Saturday got an equal rub of weathery luck – with horses, riders and patrons enjoying ideal conditions.

In the course of the afternoon at Powell’s Road, Charlie Farrelly asked the crowd to remember the late, great, Liam Healy of Listowel. Mr. Healy pioneered the Healy Racing Photographers company back in 1977. The company has a presence wherever the thunder of hooves is heard in a horse-racing context on these islands ever since.

He was presented with an Irish Stablestaff Association Award for 2006 in recognition of his services to the industry. True to form, the company was represented in Castleisland on Saturday as Liam Healy Jnr was on duty here. May God be good to him.

Mooo-vable Feast: Organiser, Charlie Farrelly (centre) with Slim Attraction (left) and Seamus Moore of the JCB Band setting up in the sales ring of Castleisland Co-Op Mart as patrons also move in from the woeful weather conditions on Sunday. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Began to Spill

Sunday had it in for us – it seems. A grey, sullen, early morning sky came down around the valley and began to spill what it held by the afternoon and it kept it up for the rest of the day.

Still, the Castleisland Co-Op Mart yard was busily going about whatever it could in terms of entertainment. But the rain poured down and the children ran home.

There was one really ‘mooo-ving’ bit of enterprise which kept the show on the road for the adults who stuck around to see what happens.

Mooo-vable Feast

Charlie Farrelly and his team made a moooo-vable feast of Séamus Moore and his JCB Band concert and ushered them into the cattle sales ring – and Bingo ! Concert On.

The tiered seating and ‘could-eat-your-dinner-off-the-floor’ state of the ring and surroundings made it an ideal venue away from the wicked weather conditions outside.

PRO Pat Hartnett claimed it’s a first in Ireland – and, do you know what ? No one has contradicted him yet.

Humphrey Murphy Memorial

Castleisland Race Committee organisers were delighted with the turnout for the annual Humphrey Murphy Memorial Road Race / Fun Run.

This year’s added attraction of the 10k brought in top class runners. The event was greatly helped by a glorious evening and it got the Summerfest off to a great start. The number of people taking part exceeded expectations – according to committee PRO Pat Hartnett. First home in the 5k was Tommy O’Brien in a time of 16.06.

First lady home in the 5k was Sharon Cahill, An Riocht AC in a time of 19.4.

Seán O’Sullivan Wins 10k

The inaugural10k race was won by Seán O’Sullivan, An Ríocht AC in a time of 34.19. Seán is also a previous 5K winner of this annual, charity event.

The first lady home in the 10k category was Limerick native, Duagh resident, Elaine O’Keeffe – in a time of 46.20.

“All winners received a medal as a momento of the occasion. The race committee is very grateful to all the clubs in the district who provided stewards to marshal the two circuits and ensure all walkers and runners got around safetly .

“It is all in a good cause as all the funds raised will go to Glebe Lodge Residential Centre on the Brosna Road here in Castleisland.

Once again community spirit was at its best in Castleisland. All who took part and helped can take a well deserved bow,” said Mr. Hartnett.