Chamber to Offer Customer Service Workshops for Local Retailers

Castleisland Chamber Alliance will introduce local traders to an evening of retailer up-skilling at the River Island Hotel next month. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Castleisland Chamber Alliance will introduce local traders to an evening of retailer up-skilling at the River Island Hotel on September 19th. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Is it a skill lost to retailers in the ultra modern era in which we live. Or is it just that the savage doesn’t love his native shore sufficiently to hunt down the bare necessities of life on his local, main street beat anymore ?

Something must have been lost along the way as Castleisland Chamber Alliance has decided to introduce the retailers of the town to ‘a leading customer care specialist’ at the River Island Hotel next month.

They say that your most immediate reaction to anything is your most honest. When I saw this message from the chamber alliance my straight-off thought was of: Tomo Burke or Michael McElligott or Vincent Murphy or Paudie O’Connor or Sheila Hannon or Carmel Prendiville or Mick Conroy or Jerome Sheehy. I would have gone on but I snapped out of it. Any of those mentioned above could have conducted this if they got half an hour to think about it.

Savage Economic Storms

Maybe they’ve forgotten. I doubt it. They’ve traded through some of the most savage economic storms and they’re still at it – one way or another.

Of course, the local business landscape is also dotted with businesses which have withered in the ferocity of such storms. Shop windows, now furnished with blinds and net curtains, mask a history which was festooned with the colour of the produce and of the woman or man behind the counter.

Where ‘Keys Found’ or ‘Black Turf for Sale’  were accompanied by land-line phone numbers. These, and other community notices, were pasted with bits of Sellotape. You know yourself – the touches of intimacy that immediately branded the premises as one which cared for its community and its customers.

Is the mainstay of those customer care days and ways so far-gone that we have to bring in someone to tell shopkeepers/retailers how they should treat their customers today?

Maybe it is and maybe we do. I suppose that putting new clothes on an old mannequin may be a way of looking at it.

Customer Care Specialist

“Castleisland Chamber Alliance has invited leading customer care specialist Marc Thornton to bring innovative and challenging ideas to local retailers so that they can consistently deliver top class service to their customers,” according to a media release from the chamber this week.

“With so much competition local retailers need to make sure the service they provide is noticed and that they retain all their customers.

“The course will be run on Monday, September 19th in the River Island Hotel, Castleisland.

“Retailers will learn to impress customers, handle complaints so customers return, make a noticeable difference and up-selling skills.

How to Treat Customers

“In addition, advice on setting customer care standards will be provided so each outlet will have guidelines for existing and new staff on how to treat customers, on their appearance and on how to deliver a professional and friendly service. Each participant will leave with an action plan for their business

“This interactive and practical workshop is aimed at retailers, pharmacies, hospitality and tourist operators, as well as other outlets with a high service level.

“Marc Thornton of DTA Marketing recently spoke at the Women in Business Conference in Killarney and is a well known author of the book Winning Lifetime Customers.

For further information and to book a place please email or contact Patricia Walsh or Jeremy Burke,” – that’s what the media release from the Castleisland Chamber Alliance had to divulge on the matter.

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