Thursday is Kerry Car Free Day – Will it Catch On Here ?

Leaving the car at home - will it catch on here ?
Leaving the car at home – will it catch on here ? ©

As part of Mobility Week, a Car Free Day will be held across Kerry on this Thursday, September 22nd 2016.

Will it catch on here though? There were people around here who were highly skeptical about the Euro getting into local drawers and pockets. Look at it now.

Selling the Car Free Idea

Even so, I wouldn’t like the job of selling the car free day notion in rural areas around here. It’s only in recent weeks, through the publicity generated by the bus drivers’ strike in Dublin, that we realise how well serviced our city and big town dwelling cousins are in terms of public transport.

No, I would fancy my chances of getting away without a bruise or two while carrying that message to Scart or Knocknagoshel or Brosna or Cordal or Currow – or anywhere beyond the speed limit signs on any road out of town here.

Leave the Car at Home

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this one day event by trying to leave the car at home and choosing an alternative form of transport, i.e. cycling, walking, car sharing or public transport.

European Mobility Week is an annual campaign on sustainable urban mobility which runs from 16th to 22nd September 2016.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite people to try out alternatives to car use, i.e. walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport.

Invite to Walk the Canal

Each year mobility week focuses on a particular topic – this year’s theme is ‘Smart Mobility – Strong Economy.’

Kerry County Council is delighted to invite members of the public to walk or cycle on the recently re-opened Canal Bank Walkway in Tralee Town which has been upgraded to the tune of €400,000 as part of Tralee Active Travel initiative. Lighting columns are installed and will be operational in the coming weeks just in time for the dark evenings.

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