Fianna Fáil hasn’t Learned Lessons of Economic Crash – Ferris

Kerry TDs clash on budget day differences. Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris (left) and Fianna Fáil's John Brassil, TD. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Kerry TDs clash on budget day differences. Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris (left) and Fianna Fáil’s John Brassil, TD. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Sinn Féin TD, Martin Ferris, has accused Fianna Fáil TD John Brassil of having a brass neck after the Ballyheigue based TD accused Sinn Féin’s economic policies of being ‘wilfully negligent.’
Sinn Féin proposed that a €175 million tax break for hotels be abolished and the money be used to provide services and tax breaks for hard pressed families.
In a brief provided by the Department of Finance to the minister, the department has questioned the ongoing validity of the lower rate, as have the trade unions representing hotel workers.

Creaking Health System
“What Fianna Fáil want is a continuation of a €175 million tax break for hotels and their owners,” said Deputy Ferris.

“We believe that this sum would be far better off in providing services in our creaking health system, or reducing childcare costs for struggling families.The proposed increase in the lower Vat rate would only affect beds, while other related activities would remain at 9%, we are not proposing any changes to the rates in bars and restaurants. We would also scrap water charges and property tax and thereby putting on average €500 back into peoples pockets.”

Crashed the Economy
“We will take no lectures from a party that crashed the economy and burdened Irish taxpayers with the debts of their friends in the banking sector for decades to come. Wilfully negligent is what Fianna Fáil finance ministers and taoisigh have become famous for, relying on the IMF to scrutinise their budgets while they sail off into the sunset with their huge pensions.

“Unfortunately neither John Brassil nor his party has learned from the economic calamity that they brought on the Irish people. We in Sinn Féin believe in a fairer system where everyone benefits, and that includes the staff of our hotels and not just the owners as John Brassil and Fianna Fáil would like, and we make no apologies for wanting fairness and equality in our tax system,” Mr. Ferris concluded.

Macroom Bypass Ignored Once Again

Turning his attention to today’s budget announcements, Deputy Ferris, has criticised the continued neglect of the South West region in todays budget, despite continuing promises before election time, once again Kerry has been ignored when it comes to road funding.
“Once again Kerry has been sidelined and neglected when it comes to roads capital infrastructure, the Macroom bypass is of critical importance to the county and despite having the support of both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil TDs in the county, their influence has been negligible once again, so much for new politics, it seems it’s the same old politics and broken promises,” Deputy Ferris said.
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