Local Firewood Business from Storm Flattened Forestry

Anyone thinking of stocking up on bone dry firewood for the winter ahead can do so easily and very locally at Keane Stone and Firewood on the side of the Abbeyfeale to Castleisland Road at Mein, Knocknagoshel.

While Keane Stone was established the best part of a decade ago and has survived the most vicious building / building supply recession in living memory, its firewood appendage was added relatively recently.

For proprietor, Cathal Keane it was a case of flipping adversity to advantage. He found himself staring at up to 20 acres of forestry which had been flattened by one of the savage storms of a few winters ago.

Cursing the Storm

“There wasn’t a stick left standing and it was a case of cursing your luck and the storm or getting on with it.

“I decided there and then that I’d harvest the flattened trees and set up a firewood business from the disaster in front of me,” said Cathal at home in Mein.

“I already had the sheds to store the timber after it’s cut and split and it was just a matter of introducing drying machinery after that.

All the wood for sale is cut in his own forestry and dried and bagged in his own sheds. There are several sizes of bags available to suit all budgets and storage spaces.

All the timber is split and ready for use. You have the option of taking delivery to your door or collecting it yourself.

Deliveries Arranged

A full load which amounts to ten cubic meters equivalent to 13 large builders’ bags is priced at €500. A half load is €250 Single builder bags are €50 or two for €90. You can also buy net bag of logs for €3. Large quantities can be delivered around Kerry and the neighbouring counties.

While the firewood is now right in season the Keane Stone and Firewood company will supply quality building stone – random or guillotine – ideal for house fronts, porches, walls, patios.

Stones and Boulders

They also supply large stones and boulders suitable for gardens and rockeries. They also sell quality top soil in a variety of quantities.

You can get more on the stone side of the business at http://www.keanestone.com

For firewood and building stone information you can contact: Cathal Keane on 087 28 88 869.

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