They Have the Street Looking Lovely, Faith

Praise falls slowly and far too seldom on the heads and shoulders of those who deserve it most. However, there were drops about on Saturday evening during and after the Castleisland Chamber Alliance / AIB Christmas Street Party.

It was plain to hear that the children in the vicinity were having the proverbial ball. That provides its own kind of satisfaction and verdict. Many posing as adults were trying to act their age on an evening where they could and would get away with letting it all hang out.

Made for Street Fun

“They have the street looking lovely faith,” was how one really together adult summed up the efforts of the organisers.

It was an evening made for street fun. The squib of rain was hardly noticed. We didn’t even see it until someone said ”tis supposed to clear up this evening.” And clear up it did.

Rain matters in the context of this event as it had to be postponed twice last year because of how it bucketed down.

It was an evening where the generations mixed freely and most of the entertainment came from the teenage members of the community.

The KDYS Music Society members and St. Patrick’s Secondary School Band lashed out the Christmas songs with gusto and to great appreciation from their friends and neighbours on the packed street under the gig-rig.

In-Demand Master of Ceremonies

The whole event was packaged and wrapped by an in-demand Master of Ceremonies, Gerard ‘Gerdie’ Murphy.

Kerry football start, James O’Donoghue represented the AIB part of the package and he was presented with the magic switch by Gerdie.

After a countdown, and a threatened meltdown, the lights flashed to life to loud cheers for the man who lit our lives on several summer Sundays in the course of the year now dying.

Evening’s Finale

Then for the evening’s finale we all traipsed up the gaily lit Main Street to find vantage points for the fireworks display.

This was based on the Castleisland Co-Op Mart yard this year so there was great take for spots in the old Poor House yard and down along Creamery Lane.

The woman was right: They have the street looking lovely. It’s a credit to them. It is faith.

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