Beware of the Market Cross Pothole

The Market Cross Pothole  this afternoon. ©Photograph: John Reidy
The Market Cross Pothole this afternoon. ©Photograph: John Reidy

I’m sure there’s only a subtle difference, if any, between the once loved descriptive terms: a land, a suck-in and a surprise.

Surprise is a word you’d rarely hear in the course of conversations fadó fadó.

You’ll experience all three of the above in the one go at the Market Cross these days if you’re unlucky and driving into Castleisland from the Tralee Road side.

Bone Crushing Pothole

There, lurking on the road – where else – is a fine example of a bone-crushing pothole. It’s playing the lead role in an increasingly deteriorating patch of roadway between where The Market Bar still is and Hanny Cullinane’s shop used to be.

This is a particularly troubled stretch of surface. In fairness to Kerry County Council they did a fine repair job on it a few short years ago. But there it is again in spite of them – taking on its map of the world appearance as it did before.

The pothole is nearly at the stage where it could do with a signpost of its own.
The pothole is nearly at the stage where it could do with a signpost of its own.

Fine Old Jolt

It’s the kind of pothole that would throw you from a bike and it gives you a fine old jolt in a car.

I’m sorry now for spoiling the prospect of a land or a suck-in at the Market Cross but there are things I’m expected to inform my readers of. Looking at the pothole at close quarters this afternoon, it struck me that it kind of demands a warning signpost of its own as it’s bigger and more dangerous it’s going to get.

I do appreciate the calls from friends and neighbours but the suck-in made me aware of its presence this afternoon.

It looks harmless enough but looks are truly deceiving in this case.

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