Maura’s Motions Include Eye Opening Issue in Currow

Cllr. Maura Healy Rae - raising concerns on issues in Currow and Farranfore. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Cllr. Maura Healy Rae – raising concerns on issues in Currow and Farranfore. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Cllr. Maura Healy Rae sent news of the following notices and replies which she put down at the recent meeting of the Killarney Municipal District:

Notice: To ask Kerry County Council when is the protection barrier on the left hand side of the road from Farranfore to Castleisland going to be installed. These works were promised in the past.

Reply: This matter has been discussed with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). The TII is waiting for consultants to complete a HD17 / Safety Report for the N23 National Primary Route.

Further to the completion and review of this report, the TII will decide what sections of the route requires a safety barrier.”

I also outlined to council management how essential this barrier is given that this section of road is very open and there’s quite a large drop from the road level to the field below.
Notice of Motion:
Following my previous motion regarding the third eye of the Currow Bridge, I ask Kerry County Council why hasn’t this been cleared and who is responsible if Currow is flooded again which could end up in the bridge being carried away.”


“Discussions have taken place with the Inland Fisheries and they have approved the clearing of the third eye of Currow Bridge after the 1st of May 2017. The work will be carried out at that time.”

The Dean Reidy Bridge Building Gang of 1943
In relation to the building of the Dean Reidy Bridge in Currow in 1943, the late Jerry Brosnan of Powell’s Road, whose wife Mary passed away only last week, sent me a list of all the men who worked on the bridge. At the time, in the 1990’s Jerry was the last surviving member of that 1943 work gang.

Jerry’s list is as follows: Night Watchman: Mossie Butler, Currow; Foreman: Tom O’Sullivan, Derrymore; Assistant Foreman: Jerh Cullinane, Castleisland; Jack Hussey, Kilflynn; Bill Geoffrey Fleming and John Geoffrey Fleming, Currow; Thady Kerrisk, Dicksgrove Cross; Davy Galwey, Gortshanafa; John Kenny Gortshanafa; Johnnny Fleming, Currans; Pat Brosnan, Currans, Batt O’Rourke, Counguilla; Mick Thade Brosnan, Ballybeg; Tom Shanahan, Currow Village and Johnny Drumm-Brosnan, Lyre.

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