A Sunday Afternoon Teaser from 1985

National Milk Run 21-4-1985
A group of Islanders heading for the Canon’s Field for a few kicks on a Sunday afternoon in 1985. Included are from left: Patrick Reidy, Teddy Nolan, Denis Nolan, Danny McSweeney, Pa Murphy, Mike McSweeney, Donal Nolan, Timmy Lordon and Martin Begley. ©Photograph: John Reidy 21-4-1985

After delving into the archives here a month or so ago and, on a particular mission, I had cause and reason to head for 1985.

Anytime I do this I spend far too much time back there and it takes a good while to snap out of it.

One journey, dozens of tracks and trails.

Sunday Afternoon Teaser

When I do this and publish a snippet of my time there, there are always calls to do more and post more here. I’d love to if I had the time.

However, here’s a Sunday afternoon teaser if I ever saw one. I’m going to let this one off without names for now and let the loyal readers of The Maine Valley Post have a bit of fun with it.

I’ll publish the names later this evening or tonight.

Church Street Bridge

Have fun see how many can you name. Locals will know the photograph was taken on Church Street Bridge.

I was covering a National Dairy Council Charity Milk Run on the day and came across these young men heading for the Canon’s Field for the afternoon.

Have a peaceful and relaxing Mothers’ Day.


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