Who’s the Boy in the 1970s Farranfore Photograph

The photograph here is a copy of one framed and hung in a business premises in Southwest United States for four decades. Click on the image to enlarge.

The photograph here is a copy of one framed and hung in a business premises in Southwest United States for four decades.

I got the following email from the son of an American tourist and avid photographer. She took this photograph at Herlihy’s Bar in Farranfore during a family holiday here just about 40 years ago.

The man in the photograph is the husband of the photographer.

However, the question is: Does anyone recognise the boy striking the post at the gable of the house.

The following is the letter which came along with the photograph:

Closure of Another Great Public House in Rural Ireland

I was saddened to read the article on the closing of another great public house in rural Ireland. Speaking for our family, we cannot claim much of a connection to Herlihy’s – other than the attached photo.

We were merely tourists passing through. Most likely stopping for a pint – hand pulled and not refrigerated – which I learned not only an appreciation of, but a love for.

A moment so fleeting.

The Kodak Moment

Neither character in the photo is me. I was inside, partaking as it were and I missed this Kodak moment.

My mother, an avid photographer, had not mentioned who struck their pose first – but she captured the moment, and the moment was priceless.

The elder in the photo is my father. The lad – a local – could anyone identify?

My brother and sister, who were approximately the lad’s age, were not imbibing with me. I was all of 15 years or so and having discovered a new best friend – Guinness – in a real pint bottle; I was as I say – predisposed.

Enlarged and Framed

The photo was enlarged and framed, by our family business, and has always been a fond family reminder of a trip taken, and a moment in time that our family cherishes.

My father is still around, albeit at home in the Southwest United States. My mother sadly not.

This would have been in the spring of 1976 or 1977. Our family was taking a southern driving tour of the isle.

Mind you, the north (of Ireland) was left off our itinerary – to my chagrin – but we had it in mind that the north was no place for safe travels.

Fondly Remembered Shots

We were doing a B&B driving tour in our own van – no guide or group travel. To this day, prefer this method of travel. No whiny tourists, no hurried timetable. No pressure. The expression on my father’s face sums it up. Either that, or he had preceded me inside for a nip.

I know this is probably one of many many fondly remembered shots of this iconic landmark, perhaps sent in to your publication; but this is ours – and Herlihy’s and that moment – will live on for us.

Sorry for Kerry’s loss. – Steven HirschContact-banner

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