Join Kenya Project Volunteers on Carrantouhill Climb

Ray of Sunshine Volunteers from left: Willie Reidy, Hanna Curtin, Martina O'Mahony and Charlie Farrelly. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Ray of Sunshine Volunteers from left: Willie Reidy, Hanna Curtin, Martina O’Mahony and Charlie Farrelly. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A huge fundraising effort was unveiled in Castleisland in February of this year to help send four local volunteers on a mission of mercy to Kenya.

They are going to work on a Ray of Sunshine Foundation project to improve the lives of abused and deprived children in that area of Eastern Africa.

Now three of the four volunteers, Hanna Curtin, Willie Reidy and Charlie Farrelly are inviting people to join them on a guided, fundraising climb of Ireland’s highest mountain,

Carrantouhill from the Lisleibane Car Park at the foot of the mountain on Bank Holiday Saturday morning, August 5th at 8am.

Willie and Charlie
Willie Reidy and Charlie Farrelly in a still from a film clip. Click on the image to see the film. ©The Maine Valley Post.

In Charge of Logistics 

The fourth member of the group, Martina O’Mahony is in charge of the logistics and registration for the climb.

“Climb Ireland’s highest mountain with us in aid of our mission to Kenya. You can join in the climb for a fee of €20 or pick up and fill in a sponsorship card,” they urged.

There will also be a post climb party at Tom McCarthy’s Bar in Castleisland that night from 8pm with food and there will be music by the talented Cathal Flood.

In February of 2016 three of the current foursome, Tina O’Mahony, Hannah Curtin and Charlie Farrelly reacted to an appeal for volunteers from the Ray of Sunshine Foundation – an organisation which had the avid support of the late radio and TV personality, Derek Davis.

Unforgettable Experience

On their return last year they described their experience as unforgettable and the people they met as bright and cheerful and really appreciative of the work being carried out there by the foundation.

Willie Reidy may well be one of the most experienced climbers in this part of the country. He has been up and down Carrantouhill 19 times so far this year and was up there on St. Stephen’s Day.

He has also climbed the highest points in England, Scotland and Wales and some of the peaks throughout Europe.

He’s preparing his fellow missionaries for their trek to the cross at the height and is swapping information for snippets on the Kenyan trip.

Darkened the Door

For he’s never darkened the door on Africa and he’s full of curiosity about it and the work they’ll be doing there.

“I worked in England for years but I never went anywhere near Africa or that side of the world. For years I wanted to do some good for someone and I was always too busy trying to make a living,” said Willie.

“The Carrantouhill climb is our biggest fundraising and if anyone wants to help us with that we’d be delighted to hear from them,” said Willie.

If you would like to join in the climb you can do so by ringing either: Willie Reidy on 087 12 38 787; Hanna Curtin on: 087 76 96 274; Charlie Farrelly on: 087 20 56 150 or Martina O’Mahony on: 087 94 49 569

If you’d like to know more about climbing Carrantoohill have a look through all the information you need with a click on the link here.


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