Fun and Fright in Equal Measure at Halloween Spooktacular

The Castleisland Chamber Alliance Halloween Spooktacular attracted a cast and crew of hundreds in the course of its night of fright and fun at The Market House.

Seeing the house itself lit fore and aft was a sight to behold and a blast from the past in earnest.

The event proved a spooktacular success for the chamber and it’s one they’ll have to put on the calendar for years to come.

Not a Credits List

Chamber members linked up with local secondary school students and art teacher, Katie O’Reilly to design the tunnels of terror. Judging by the screams and squeals, their creativity did just what they meant it to do. This is not a credits list by no means but, I believe Dan Lynch and family and Neil Browne also put a huge amount of work into the creation and magic of the evening.

Bring Out Your Dead

A Monty Python like ‘Bring out Your Dead’ campaign went on throughout the town on the evening as darkness fall. A large van with limbs hanging from it and the tools of the gravedigger attached patrolled with menace. All local hostelries were tried for likely candidates.

In spite of the fright, the general consensus is that, even the frightened can’t wait for next halloween.

History Repeats Itself

It really is a case of history repeating itself as The Market House once had high, spike topped gates to its prison quarters. The heads of those who fell foul of the law at the time were stuck up there as examples and as deterrent to those with notions of rebellion.

Those were the frightening days my friends.

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